As we know that we are all infected and affected with HIV some people leave their homes due to  rejection and stigma ending up homeless and lives in the streets.  70% of the homeless people  in town are infected due to drug injection, making sex without protection.   

We started to cook for people on the streets in 2018 with 4 dishes in the house.  We started with  12 people in Durban Station and the figure has risen to about 2400 people.  There has been a  great changes to people we fed.  Some of them has decided to reunite with their families, some  has stop eating from the bins because they know that there is food we provide that is porridge.   

In doing so we managed to decrease crime due to the fact that the porridge was served during  6:00  am  to  8:00am  where  most  of  the  community  members  are  going  to  their  respective  workplaces, during the meal time, these people are given counselling, some of them we have  managed to refer them to rehabilitation centres, 37% of them have now been rehabilitated, others  have agreed to return back to their respective homes and reunited with their families. We have  also managed to provide dignified burial services from death emanating from these homeless  people and visiting the sick in order to give them hope. 

The mere objective is to contribute to the Nation Building, the well-being of the Society and to  improve the living conditions of the people living in the streets and to inspire individuals to take  action to help change the world for better. 

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