During the Lockdown period on the 27th of March 2020, our organisation had a verbal agreement  with Ethekwini Municipality to provide food for the homeless.  We were monitored by We Are  Durban Organisation that is led by Ms Linda Morrison.  Our organisation managed to care and  feed Homeless People within 13 Sites in Durban, which brought together about 2000 Homeless  People & Most Disadvantaged People within Ethekwini Municipality.   

Through Volunteer Support, Siphila Ngomusa managed to achieve her objectives in terms of  cooking and serving the homeless people and directly contributed to the response in management  and prevention of Global Covid 19.   

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The  programme  itself  has  made  a  major  difference  towards  achieving  the  Siphila  Ngomusa  objectives and changing peoples’ lives through caring and feeding the homeless people. 

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